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Floor surface preparation is the first and most important step for the application of concrete floor treatment. Without floor surface preparation, an issue can arise once the new flooring system is installed. Uneven surfaces, peeling, and bubbling floors are typically the result of improper floor preparation. Every concrete slab needs to be clean, open, and porous prior to floor treatment and installation.

Concrete is a durable and sturdy surface. However, if not properly prepared and maintained, it can deteriorate and sustain significant damage. Issues that happen with concrete flooring typically happen below the surface, hidden from the naked eye. Though the concrete underneath your floor may not be seen, it doesn’t mean that it should not be prepared properly. Essentially, not preparing your floor properly will subsequently ruin the coat or polish you apply to the concrete slab.

The correct and adequate preparation of a concrete floor is crucial to the performance and life of the floor.

Methods Used in Preparing Concrete Floors

Each floor and its environment are unique. A variety of mechanical methods to successfully prepare and profile concrete floors including:
  • Diamond Grinding – Grinding removes laitance, protrusions, surface contaminants and produces a smooth or polished surface, depending on the roughness of the abrading discs.
  • Scarification – To prepare a concrete floor for further treatment, or to remove old resin-based coating, to achieve a profiled open textured surface.

Industrial vacuum systems for surface treatment

Grinding with diamond tools and scarifying creates a lot of dust. Therefore, a capable dust collection method must be used. We use quality industrial vacuum to make sure there is no contamination of the working environment.

Dust, dirt, and other contaminants must be completely removed from all surfaces before applying the first coat of primer. Our method of surface preparation is dust-free by using an industrial vacuum.

Assessment and testing

Experienced flooring contractors won’t propose or promise any particular type of solution until they have a detailed understanding of your facility and any challenges it might pose.

Not only will your contractors need to listen carefully to you, but they’ll also need to conduct several tests to identify the floor condition. These tests may include:

Moisture Test – Water vapor coming up through the concrete, whether it’s from the ground or part of the concrete’s ongoing curing process, can cause floor coatings to bubble or blister quickly.

Rebound Test - Evaluating the impact resistance of a concrete structural element.

Scratch Test - The scratch test allows to verifying the resistance of a concrete floor to abrasion.

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